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Interracial Families in Friendship is an informal sharing and support community for interracial families including black, biracial, multiethnic, and white children. Our families are located in mid-Ohio and around the state, and we generally meet in the Columbus area.

The founding families came together out of friendship and a need to connect to other families, of all races, raising children of color. We invite you to join us in friendship and in the joy of raising our children. All transracial families (by adoption, fostering, birth or marriage), prospective adoptive parents, and interested friends (of any ethnicity and family status) are welcome.

Interracial Families in Friendship's desire is to build relationships with other families like ourselves and for our children to have friends that also have transracial families. Our children benefit by building long-lasting friendships with peers whose families are similar to theirs, and with whom they can ask questions, share stories, or give each other advice. Parents can share thoughts, concerns, experiences, and kind words with other parents who have the same family interests and situations.

As we raise our families, we know that many of our children will struggle not only with being black in a society that is far from overcoming its racism, but also with unique issues facing children growing up in interracial families. We seek support from friends and positive role models for our healthy, loving, joyful transracial families.

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If you would like to speak with a member of Interracial Families in Friendship, or would like information on our next get-together, please feel free to write or e-mail:

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Contact if you wish to be added to IFIF's e-mail lists for announcements and discussion. Contact with any questions or suggestions about this web site.

We welcome all families who are interracial or multiracial by adoption, birth, or marriage, prospective adoptive parents who are interested in transracial adoption, and all people touched by adoption and the struggle toward unity in a world still divided by racism.

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